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From our creation in 1977, Kelme has worked hard to improve within the professional and amateur apparel industry, through innovation and a commitment towards R&D+i, in order to continue leading the way in the present as one of the firms with the biggest potential worldwide.

We represent experience, inspiration, innovation, determination, but above all, a brand with a strong footprint. Because leaving a mark is our approach towards life, to bring out the best in ourselves; to lead by example without expecting anything in return; to reach where we never thought possible; because in life there are only two possible legacies that you can leave behind: roots and wings. 



Our past and our present are made up of big successes, such as the official technical sponsorship of the Spanish Olympic Football Team during the Barcelona 92 games, sponsoring Real Madrid C.F. between 1994/1998, and sponsoring the KELME cycling team, one of the best Spanish teams in cycling history.

We have shared victories with great champions such as when Conchita Martinez won Wimbledon, or during Jordi Villacampa‘s golden era in the pitch, not forgetting Fermin Cacho or international athlete Said Aouita. We have also been present in the best football league in the world, supporting clubs like Deportivo Alavés, Levante U.D., Villareal C.F., A.D. Alcorcón, Malaga C.F., Rayo Vallecano and Elche C.F.


All our successes have started with innovation. We monitor the manufacturing of all our products and invest in technology improvements.

We are committed to working with new apparel fabrics in order to improve the market and to continue offering the best products.

This is why year after year we continue with our challenge to improve and move forward in this industry, working in partnership with the best institutions and laboratories, such as the Valencia Biomechanics Institute (IBV as per its Spanish acronym) and the INESCOP laboratory, with the purpose of manufacturing the best possible product for our end users.


KELME and its symbol, the paw, is a widely present brand in the International apparel market. The historic dedication of KELME for the amateur and professional sport, the development in the fashion world with innovative designs, and the long professional course of the Company, enrich the brand KELME with powerful extra values. These turn the brand not only into a present reference, but into one of the flags with most potential around the world.


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A: 14 Kokihi Close, Papamoa 3118, Bay of Plenty

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